What does the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association do?

PATTA represents the PAT Industry

PATTA represents the industry

PATTA Connects PAT testers

PATTA educates and supports

PATTA, founded by people like you who care about raising standards in our industry, represents us when change is being implemented and decisions are being made. 

PATTA is currently represented on the committee creating the 5th Edition of the Code of Practice for Inspection and Testing, among other things. PATTA offers memberships to raise funds to help cover the costs of our work. 

PATTA is looking to improve qualification and training standards to help improve the industry as a whole. 

PATTA helps PAT testers connect with their peers, suppliers and manufacturers etc. in a relaxed networking-style environment offline at regular meets, and on-line through the forum on this site and our private members only Facebook group.

No more do you have to post a question on a forum or public group, then put on your crash helmet and wait for a barrage of abuse. PATTA members are professional, and want to help their peers. 

Join the conversations for only £50.00 per annum subscription

By providing members with useful business document templates, producing informative articles, support and guidance PATTA does what it can to help the industry. PATTA does not claim to be the expert or the ‘go to’ for everything appliance testing related, nor are we a one-stop-shop covering everything, but we do feel that between all our members we have a lot of expertise and high enough standards to be able to make a difference. 

PATTA also provides guidance to help duty holders know what to look for in a PAT tester, and what is required of them.