The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is an evolved organisation that started as the PAT testing Network, which was a group on Facebook formed in 2012, and then a social group offline too.

The PAT testing network started accidentally, having had success connecting PAT testers online, it seemed obvious to try to take it offline. 

Although not a major success, as not that many people turned up to the events we put on, we did get a regular group of followers. 

In 2014, the Association of Professional Appliance Testers folded, who had until then been representing the industry. 

In 2018 discussions between Richard Ayre and Tim James (who founded the PAT testing Network) led to the formation of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association, in an attempt to pick up where “APAT” left off, to provide a new voice, representation for the operators in the industry. 

APAT had been involved in the previous Code of Practice and we wanted PATTA to be involved in the next. In addition to the work we have done on collating the 5th edition, we have also held numerous meetings with bodies including the IET, HSE, British Standards, Electrical Safety First, The Department for Trade and Industry, and others. 

Decisions are being made all the time that directly affects the people operating in this industry, and those people need to be united to show that standards can be high, that prices don’t need to be low, and that they are offering a professional service. 

PATTA is an association formed by and managed by a steering group; all of which are frontline operators in the industry.

“PATTA” is the only recognised trade body for the “PAT” testing industry. 

The main role of PATTA is to represent its members and operators in the industry