Members of PATTA are expected to be professional at all times; in their own work and when dealing with other members. 

Any form of abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerate and may result in removal from the forums, site, group or association. 

Bringing the association into disrepute will not be tolerated. 

We have worked very hard since 2013 to build the Portable Appliance Testing Association into a respected organisation and will not tolerate any members who damage that reputation directly or indirectly. 

PATTA membership is open to all persons and their business; a membership is for a person and the business with whom they are associated – any person can be listed on the members directory on this site; only businesses will be listed on the members list on our other site An application to join is for a person, and only that person gets a listing on the directory. To have your company listed more than once on the directory or in different locations more people in the business will have to join. Only the person named on the application will be allowed to join this site or the Facebook group. It is the person that joins, not the company name. 

Membership runs on a rolling 12 month period; payment is made by direct debit and providing payment is made by that direct debit every 12 months, the membership will continue. If you cancel the direct debit and want to rejoin you will have to apply to be a new member, paying the price of membership at that time. The price you sign up for as a member, providing your direct debit isn’t cancelled, is the rate you pay for the current service, as long as that continues. If the structure of membership changes, for example, if PATTA becomes a regulator, accreditor, or competent person scheme then PATTA reserves the right to change the fee you pay (with notice of course, and you can cancel). 

Where associates are concerned there is no exclusivity – PATTA associated memberships are not exclusive; all manufacturers and suppliers are invited to join.